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More New Brews…

We're launching "Welland Wyvern" in May, the first in a series of what we call "Middle England Pale Ales". This will be a rotating range of edgier, hoppier, stronger brews that Simon's been developing for a while now. We think these ales will showcase English hops and malts in a traditional style but with a…
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New Brews

In addition to our 3 core brews we've added a festival special "one -off" brew; Olicana Oatmeal Opera, a 4.5% belter of a blonde, softened with Oatmeal in the mash. You should see it at a few festivals and a few pubs during May and June. Olicana is a new English hop from the Charles…
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Yeast Quest Update

We appealed for old bottles of Stamford Ale in the Stamford Mercury at the end of January and are pleased to say that we had 3 ancient bottles donated. We received two old Melbourns IPA bottles with lids and contents intact, and one very old almost empty bottle of Lowe, Son and Cobbold “A.K. Stamford…
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Our Quest for Ancient Stamford Yeast

OUR YEAST QUEST BEGINS Press Release Jan 2017: Stoney Ford Brew Co, is searching for ancient bottles of beer that still survive from old Stamford breweries in a quest to reactivate ancient yeast strains. The Ryhall-based brewery has been successfully supplying local pubs and hotels since March last year, and hopes to develop more beers…
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Cask Ale Quality Workshop

We ran a Cask Ale Quality Workshop for our customers and staff yesterday. Held at the Crown Hotel, Stamford  and run by Brewing and Beer Expert Mark Tetlow of the Beer Hub,  we had 20 guests learning about how to stillage, store, condition, and serve cask ales. It's our contribution to helping our customers grow their business by serving…
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Christmas News

We've been brewing and delivering as fast as we can in December and we're delighted to see that our regular customers have been shifting more and more Stoney Ford Ales in the run-up to Christmas. We've just about kept pace with demand from the pubs and hotels and have quickly sold out of our stocks…
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Special edition- Broad Street Blackout Stout

We've done a belter of a seasonal brew; Broad Street Blackout Stout, 6% abv and complemented with local blackberries (many of them handpicked- see our scars) but not a Santa's hat or cheesy reindeer in sight.  It's not like us to crow but we think this is a special in more ways than one. A…
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It might seem like a small detail but we've reprinted our pub clips so that the background is a genuine picture of an actual piece of Stamford Stone. We picked up a suitably beautiful piece of this local limestone from our friends at Stamford Stone


and had it photographed and added to our pump clip designs. We've also added the British Hops logo to emphasise our use of all British Ingredients. We think that's important and hope you agree.


Peterborough Pubs take Stoney Ford Ales

Peterborough is fast becoming a "happening place" as far as beers are concerned, with the advent of new outlets like the Stoneworks Bar and the Bumble Inn. There are some great boozers around, and we've found our place at the bar in a couple of crackers- the Heron at Stanground and the Ostrich in North…
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