PE9 Paradise Pale

  • 4.0% English Pale Ale
  • Rounded but with pronounced bitterness
  • Hoppy but not aggressive; honeyed, spicy, and floral
  • English Pale and UK Munich malts with a touch of Crystal & Wheat Goldings, Pilgrim, UK Cascade and Target hops

The original working name of PE9 Paradise Pale was ‘Ryhall Raj Royale IPA’ and was a 6% abv behemoth of a bitter beer incorporating all sorts of worldly hops and exotic yeasts (by mistake mostly), not to mention occasional ‘things from the forest’ (which mostly, OK didn’t entirely work). After multiple variations on the theme of an IPA, and a year of experimentation, 6 brews later the PE9 has now been toned down to a more reasonable, sessionable (approachable!) 4% abv English Pale Ale.

Our intention is to offer a soft and rounded but pronounced bitterness, a definitive hoppy flavour and the aromas of a traditional English ale such as spice, florals and honey whilst underpinned by gentle caramels of UK Munich and Crystal malts. The theory is, harmony in the hops, mildness in the malt.

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