Sheepmarket Supernova Straw

  • Pale 3.8% Summer Ale
  • Bursting with flavour and fizz
  • Light and thirst quenching
  • Floral, cedar, grapefruit and peach
  • Pale malt plus a little amber
  • Challenger, Boadicea and Pioneer hops

The original working name for the Sheepmarket Supernova was ‘Andrew’s Angle Grinder Ale’ which was a Christmas Blonde (if there is such a thing). we brewed it as a nod to our builder/technical knowhow/mechanic/general know-it-all Andrew to whom we owe a huge debt in assisting in the build of our brewery-from-a-garage/barn conversion. Its new name is also a co-incidental celebration of his love of the animals of Wales (don’t ask) but more to the point, to the beer’s hometown historic market in Stamford, with our own little pizzazz on the end to hopefully describe a spring/summer thirst quencher that bursts with flavour and bubbles.

It’s all Pale malt and a tiny touch of Amber (to try and give a ‘warm yellow’ tone, hence the name ‘straw’, and some floral, cedar and grapefruity/peachy English hops in the flavour and aromatics (which luckily does work). Variations on the theme will hopefully out by the summer which will (we anticipate) incorporate the use of elderflowers (obtained by Andrew), Sitka Spruce tips (obtained by helicopter) and truffles (obtained by pigs, and apparently Labradors). It’s a 3.8% abv champagne of a Stamford Summer Sunshine Strawberry Blonde in a glass.

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