Christmas News

We've been brewing and delivering as fast as we can in December and we're delighted to see that our regular customers have been shifting more and more Stoney Ford Ales in the run-up to Christmas. We've just about kept pace with demand from the pubs and hotels and have quickly sold out of our stocks of mini casks that we made available to customers in Stamford. Sorry if we had to disappoint you.

If you are an existing trade customer in need of supplies over Christmas and the New Year, we can deliver on Tuesday 27th December and the sales phone (07803 050108) is "always on"- text preferred- over Christmas. Or email if you need us.

We hope all our customers, drinkers, supporters, ambassadors, suppliers, and people who wave at the Alebulance will have a great and safe Christmas and a rock solid New Year.

Merry Christmas!

Our "Action Shot" for Christmas- The Ale Must get through!

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