Portfolio Category: Draught Beer

Sheepmarket Supernova Straw

Pale 3.8% Summer Ale Bursting with flavour and fizz Light and thirst quenching Floral, cedar, grapefruit and peach Pale malt plus a little amber Challenger, Boadicea and Pioneer hops The original working name for the Sheepmarket Supernova was ‘Andrew’s Angle Grinder Ale’ which was a Christmas Blonde (if there is such a thing). we brewed…
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All Saints Almighty Amber

Dark 4.2% Amber Ale Rich without cloying Body without heaviness Resinous marmalade, orange and citrus and ”chocolate orange” flavours Pale malt plus caramalt and a little chocolate malt and wheat Admiral, Bramling Cross, and First Gold hops The original working title of the ‘All Saints Almighty Amber’ was ‘Gorgeous George’s Marmalade Switchblade’, which only makes sense…
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PE9 Paradise Pale

4.0% English Pale Ale Rounded but with pronounced bitterness Hoppy but not aggressive; honeyed, spicy, and floral English Pale and UK Munich malts with a touch of Crystal & Wheat Goldings, Pilgrim, UK Cascade and Target hops The original working name of PE9 Paradise Pale was ‘Ryhall Raj Royale IPA’ and was a 6% abv behemoth…
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