The Alebulance


The Alebulance crosses a real Stoney Ford near our brewery in Ryhall, all in the cause of Christmas jollity.

Here's where you'll find the story of our brewery mascot, the Alebulance. It's a 1970 Morris Minor 7cwt (thats seven hundredweight) LCV (that's Light Commercial Vehicle) van. It is to be seen huffing and puffing around Stamford and surrounding villages delivering full casks of our rock solid beers and picking up the empties. If you see us give us a wave, and maybe a tweet using the hashtag Alebulance. Naturally if you see us on an emergency ale call-out, please pull over and let us pass!!


Had a bit of a stand-off with one of the bigger boys in the Jolly Brewer playground, sorry Car Park, today. The hoppy HGV backed off in the face of stern determination from the Alebulance and we accomplished our mission to deliver to  our friends Dean and Jill at the Jolly Brewer. Other beers are available apparently.

IMG_5463 (1)

It was a lovely day for ducks today. And geese it would seem. The Alebulance managed to Ford the Floods around Carlby and Little Bytham and made it back to Ryhall, soggy but it never missed a beat, thanks to the 123 electronic ignition I fitted when I got it. Highly recommended. Anyway these geese seemed intrigued by our logo, and the Swan atop it. Casting is over for that gig I'm afraid ladies.


August 2016

The Alebulance has had to have a bit of attention recently under the bonnet. A new clutch, shortly followed by a new head gasket and de-coke. The way business is growing, the Alebulance is having to work hard, and at its age it needs looking after. We're happy to say it's back on the road and earning its keep admirably.

Recent Alebulance Call-Outs

January 2017

The Alebulance's fame spreads- a full page in the excellent "Minor Commercial", the Magazine of the Minor LCV register.

January 2018

After a major restoration lasting a couple of months, the Alebulance is back on the road- not sign written yet but looking smarter in its new paint and a lot less rust! Here we were this morning delivering to the rather lovely Castle Inn in Castle Bytham, which itself has had quite a makeover!