Special Commemoration Ale brewed for Stamford 50 Celebrations

We have created a “Beautifully Built Brown Porter” as the official commemoration ale for the Stamford 50 and Georgian Festival Celebrations that start on Sept 21st in and around Stamford.

Brewed to a style that would have been common in the 18th century, the ale is a Brown Porter- slightly milder and sweeter than a Robust or Dark porter, like all Stoney Ford ales it is brewed with all English ingredients. We use 8 different malts and 2 hops, and the result is a 4.4% abv, highly drinkable ale. The flavour is rounded, nutty, malty, chocolatey, with a slight toffee-like sweetness that gives the beer a full bodied but smooth taste.

Stamford 50 Commemoration Ale will be available on draught at several local pubs during Stamford Festival week.

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