Stoney Ford to cease brewing- at least for now

Stoney Ford to cease brewing

We regret to inform our customers and supporters that we have decided to take a break from brewing and are having a fundamental rethink about the future of the business and its location.

Our current brewery location is restricted in size and not available nor viable in the longer term.  Despite our best efforts over several months we have been unable to identify suitable premises for expansion nor develop a viable business plan that makes financial sense.

Launching Stoney Ford in May 2016 was an experiment at a small scale (2.5 bbl), with the intention of proving whether or not we could brew beer consistently and establish a brand, before growing it into a more substantial business. We are proud of the beers and the brand we have developed but we haven’t managed to take the next major growth step.

The business has paid its way and has no debts, and we will continue to trade until current stocks have been sold (end of this week) and we have collected our empties. It is possible that our beers and brand may reappear sometime in the future in another guise, but for now we are closing the doors on our Ryhall Brewery.

We would like to say thanks to our local customers and supporters for their loyalty and business and apologise for the disappointment that Stoney Ford will no longer be available, at least in the short to medium term. We will of course share further news on the future of the brewery as and when we have it.

Tim Nicol and Simon Watson

5th April 2018

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